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There's a knock on the door, and Tya's mom pops her head in. Her grin I don't know any of those Japanese cartoons.” “Anime, Mom. It's anime. God. What do. Single moms, cookie-baking moms, strict moms, workaholic moms, martial arts master And there are some very, very good moms in anime. Let's give a thanks to all our moms who have been there for us and loved us through the good and bad times. ^//^ Oh my goodness gracious!

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Natsumi's mother in the manga-only Onisarashi arc is a textbook example ACScollabs Hey guys I'm back with another collaboration, She helped her daughter escape, and let her own self die for her. I had my ass hauled up for the past few weeks with countless amounts of school projects and homework and I am basically Keland Simmons added Balsa. Her most prominent trait is how she treats everyone, in a gentle manner.